♥ Vacation – I think we can all agree that after an extended amount of time, work starts to wear you down and make you start to feel like a crazy person. So, after four stressful months of putting my nose to the grind and covering for numerous positions, it was finally time for me to take a vacation. What better way to spend my time off than visiting one of my favorite and most inspiring couples, the lovely Chubarys! I bought my ticket months ago, and have been anxiously awaiting the visit – a chance to get away and the opportunity to catch up with two of my favorite people, whom I have been so desperately missing over the last eight months. I got lucky and the weather was incredible, not to mention I got to spend five days sipping on sangria, chatting, and eating fabulous food (including the world-famous Jasmine quesadilla – the original and the new super awesome version).

♥ Words With Friends – I have never been a fan of Scrabble, mostly because it makes me feel like a complete idiot. I am a visual person and you tend to give away your advantage when you parade all your pieces out on the board to try and make a good play. Even with the version for my phone that allows me to do exactly that without my opponent seeing, I’m still the friend you most want to play at this game. Turns out I suck at Scrabble regardless of the version or a technological advantage. All that being said, this game is ridiculously addicting, especially since you get to play against your friends.

I’ve been honing my poker and blackjack skills though, so they better all watch their backs!

♥ ‘When Harry Met Sally’ – This is one of those movies that I had always heard fantastic things about, but had never actually watched to the amazement of everybody I told. That changed last week, when I settled in with a nice big glass of sangria and watched it with Jasmine while on my little visit. I can honestly say that I enjoyed it more than I thought I would, and I didn’t go into that viewing with low expectations. I think we can all relate to the theme of that movie at one point or another in our lives, and while I don’t completely agree with Harry’s theory on friendships between men and women – I’m very pleased that he was at least right when it came to his situation with Sally. Part of me is glad I waited this long to watch it, I feel like I can truly appreciate the message – it was worth the wait.

♥ Wine -tasting – So really, just by that description you already know why this is on the list – it started with the word wine. While on that epic little visit to California, we made a quick day trip to Sonoma to get our drink on! The picture above was taken at Jacuzzi Family Vineyards, talk about a day filled with gorgeous views and fabulous company. I had never been wine-tasting before so I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, but I certainly did learn a few things. 1) Food is vital after almost every tasting. 2) People who work in tasting rooms are super interesting and quite fun, especially if the place is quiet and you have their full attention. 3) Red wine and I aren’t really friends, unless your name is Syrah, then we can be buddies. 4) White dessert wines are my new love, and I met one at Nicholson Ranch that I would consider proposing to. 5) I’ll continue to swish the wine around in my glass because it looks cool, not because I can tell a difference in taste. Apparently my palate isn’t snooty enough to be a real wine snob. 6) Wine dogs are super lazy. 7) I could definitely take one for the team and marry a winery heir so we could test the wine all day long. By we, I mean my friends and I, not me and the heir, unless he looks like James McAvoy – then we can negotiate a little.

♥ In-N-Out Burger – There is an episode of HIMYM in which Marshall is looking for a burger, but not just any burger, the best burger in New York City. He tasted it once, and has never forgotten how it changed him. There is an entire scene of him describing the burger to the gang, his description of eating this burger sounds like a cross between a love poem and food porn. Every time I think of my love for In-N-Out Burger, I am reminded of this episode. Now, I don’t have quite that strong of a reaction to their burgers, but let’s just say my month was significantly improved by the fact that I got to eat one this month.

Don’t judge me, but just writing about In-N-Out is bringing on a serious In-N-Out craving.

♥ Couple Role Models – We all have role models growing up, the kind of people we want to become; so it doesn’t seem odd to me that I sometimes think about my “couple role models” – the people I look to for inspiration when it comes to relationships. I have two fictional couple role models and they should come as no surprise to anybody who knows me or has read this blog for any amount of time: Chandler & Monica, and Marshall & Lily – to me, they embody the type of relationship I am willing to wait for, no matter how long that may take. In addition to that, I have my real life inspirations – my parents, who have been the greatest role models a girl could ever ask for, and over the last few years, two of my married couple friends. I look at Stef & Josh, and Nate & Jasmine and they give me faith that even in this day in age, even for our generation, finding your soul-mate is still possible. Spending time with them always reminds me of what a difference waiting for the right person will make in the end. When things seem a little bleak, I remember to look at them so I don’t stop believing in true love…

♥ Randoms (because it has been way too long since I made a list and now I have random odds and ends that still deserve a mention):

Upper Crust Bakery Grilled Cheese & Turkey – just look at that photo above and try not to drool. It tasted even better than it looks if you can believe that.

Sour gummy bears – say hello to my newest unhealthy addiction. Damn you clever airport store for getting me hooked while my flight was delayed.

Moose cuddling – nobody cuddles as well as Mr. Moose Dog. Nobody.

Good Nervous – the butterflies that leave you hoping something great will come from taking this chance.

Making choices for me – I plan on delving into this deeper in a future post but for now I’m just happy with the fact that I have reached the point where I am comfortable making choices I can live with and feeling positive about them.

‘How I Met Your Mother’ – There are too many reasons to list as to why this show is always showing up on my blog. Chances are it’s going to keep happening as long as Barney keeps being Barney, Marshall and Lily keep being the TV couple of this generation that I admire, or until somebody finally yells ‘flugelhorn’

 Sleeping in my own bed – I can sleep just about anywhere, but there is most definitely a difference in quality when I am back in my own bed.

Ryan Gosling – I think ‘Stupid, Crazy, Love’ speaks for itself – I’m not ashamed to admit that the ‘Dirty Dancing’ move would have worked on me. Who am I trying to kid, him taking off his shirt would have have been enough of a move for me.

-My new yellow shirt – I wore it today so that I would remember to have a sunny disposition despite getting little sleep last night after my long journey home.

Apparently it wasn’t necessary, I already had a whole list of  things I am loving swirling around in my mind to keep a smile on my face!