Two nights before I turned twenty-four I curled up on my bed, put on my dream glasses, and wrote a bucket list. For many years it was posted on this blog and I even managed to cross a few items off of it. When I took everything down to reinvent this blog, and start fresh, I knew that revamping the bucket list was also inevitably going to happen.

In twelve days I will turn twenty-eight, and recently my bucket list has been on my mind. I’m tired of saying I want to do things and then pushing them off. I can’t guarantee that having them written down again will somehow magically make me less of a procrastinator, but I do know how much I love crossing things off a to-do list. I also know that I want a different kind of list than the last one. It fit who I was at twenty-four, but not who I am now. We change as we grow, and I want a list that represents the person I am today.

The girl I was at twenty-four wanted romance, adventure, and to find a way to be happy with herself; and her list reflected that. It was a good list for me at that age, and I respect the items I had on it; but it can be better. I still want adventure and most of my list will include places I want to visit, as well as a few challenges for myself thrown in. It will not however include romance. Maybe because my heart is still a little bruised, but also because I don’t think you find love by putting it a list. I think sometimes it happens in life, and sometimes it doesn’t, and I want to live a beautiful life that makes me smile, whether or not I have somebody by my side.

So here it is, not written in stone, and always open to my own editing, but I think I made a good point almost four years ago:  I’m not getting any younger, and I can’t expect to whittle away at a list that I haven’t written…

Making Ordinary Moonlight’s Life Extraordinary

* Follow up my 5k by running a 10k and a half marathon

* Write and publish a novel (even if I have to do it myself)

* Take a solo road trip every year

* Live in a foreign country

* Save an animal from the shelter

*  Mush a dog sled

* Sleep in a castle

* Drive Route 66

* Attend the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta and ride in one of the hot air balloons

* Visit the following places: Scotland, Ireland, Greece, Venice, Spain, London, Washington D.C, New York

* Travel through all fifty states

*Learn to speak another language fluently

* Adventure through my gorgeous state of Montana taking photos – specifically beautiful old barns

*Take a photography course

*Throw a dart at the map and travel to wherever it lands

*Take a cooking class in Italy

*Send a message in a bottle

*Build a tree house

*Take a picture every day for an entire year

*Learn to play guitar

*Visit a volcano

*See the Northern Lights

*Stand on top of a mountain

*Attend Mardi Gras

*Race a sports car on a real race track

*Send in a postcard to the Postsecret project

*Hike most of the Glacier National Park trails

*Stay the night in a haunted hotel

*Go rock-climbing

*Drive down the California coast without a care in the world in a car with a convertible top

*Visit Niagara Falls

*Go on a roller coaster road trip – hitting the biggest, fastest, scariest, and everything in-between

*Change a life

*Dance under the stars to ‘Moon River’

*Plan an epic road-trip with friends

*Learn how to surf

*Stand in Times Square as the New Year’s Eve ball drops

*Get a tattoo

*Go to the airport and take the first plane out of town

*Visit the Smithsonian

*Buy myself something gorgeous from Tiffany & Co.

*Learn how to ballroom dance

*Take a horseback ride along the beach

*Go to the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade & The Rose Bowl Parade

*Go skinny-dipping

*Ride an elephant

*Learn how to make macaroons

*Plant a garden

*Dance in the rain

*See a play on Broadway

*Eat a Voodoo doughnut in Portland, OR

*Return to Europe with my best friend to celebrate a significant birthday

*Take my Mom on the vacation of her dreams

*Learn to knit

*Go scuba-diving

*Open my very own bakery

It’s not complete, and probably never will be. For every item I manage to cross off I am sure I will manage to add two more in its place. That’s the beauty of my bucket list – it’s a place to compile all the big and small dreams I hope to achieve before I kick the bucket. I don’t care if they are cheesy and sometimes ridiculous – they are things I want to do.

Because in the end, all I really want is to build a beautiful life full of endless adventure and incredible memories.

I think this is a good place to start…